money */*/*/

money */*/*/
UK [ˈmʌnɪ] / US noun [uncountable]
Money is like food, which gets eaten or is shared out. The same idea is used to talk about other types of resource. They didn't get a fair share/slice of the cake/pie. The rent takes a large bite out of their income. The fees have swallowed most of my grant. This ate into our savings. The richest nations gobble up/devour the world's resources. The company was starved of investment capital. The government said that the cupboard was bare. We have to make do with scraps from their table. We think of money as if it is a liquid. The government has poured money into education. He spends money like water. This is a highly liquid form of investment. I liquidated my entire portfolio of shares. The museum needs at least £1 million to stay afloat. We need to improve our cash flow. They've just splashed out on a new kitchen. What will happen when the money dries up? This government is throwing money down the drain. The company has announced a wage freeze. This war is draining the country's resources.  quantity
Other words meaning money:
cash coins or notes that can be spent immediately: I don't have any cash, I'll have to pay with a card. (small) change coins that are not of high value: Do you have any change for the phone? currency the specific type of money used by a particular country: We don't accept foreign currency, I'm afraid. dosh (very informal) money: Simon can pay, he's got loads of dosh! readies (very informal) money that you can spend immediately such as banknotes or coins: Come on, hand over the readies! means money that allows you to survive: I just don't have the means to go on living in such a big house. savings money that you have saved in order to spend it later: We spent half our savings on the lawyer's fees. legal tender (formal) coins or notes that are officially accepted in a particular country: As of December 4th, the £1 note will no longer be legal tender.
what you earn, save, invest and use to pay for things. Money can be kept in a bank, where it can earn interest. If you have a bank account, you can pay for things with a cheque

No, I can't come – I haven't got any money.

make/earn money:

The business has made more money this year.

spend money (on something):

We've spent a lot of money on this house.

cost (someone) money:

It would have cost us a lot of money to cancel the event.

borrow money:

I have had to borrow money from my family.

save money (= avoid spending money):

You can save money by taking your own lunch.

save money (= put money somewhere so that you can spend it later):

They're trying to save money so that they can have a holiday.

money coming in (= money being earned and available to spend):

He had no job so there was no money coming in.

have money on you (= have money in your pocket etc):

Have you got any money on you?

lose money (= earn less money than you spend):

The industry is losing money and the government wants to sell it.

birthday/Christmas money (= money received as a birthday/Christmas present):

I'm going to spend my birthday money on some new clothes.

raise money (= collect money for a particular purpose):

Her bike ride will help raise money for charity.

a) the coins and pieces of paper that you can use to pay for things

I've found some money on the floor. Is it yours?

b) the coins and pieces of paper that you use to pay for things in a particular country

Spanish/Italian/Japanese money

the best (something) that money can buyinformal used for saying that something is of the best quality

They gave Julia the best education that money can buy.

my money's on someone/somethingspoken used for saying that you think a particular person is going to do or achieve something, or that a particular thing is going to happen

My money's on Brazil to win the World Cup.

you pays your money and you takes your chance/choiceinformal used for saying that you must be willing to accept that something may not be as good as you expected it to be

pay I, pocket money, roll I, run II, smart money, throw I, time I, throw I

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